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GIRLS                                                                                                        BOYS


Grey Skirt, Trousers or Pinafore                                                     Grey Trousers / Shorts

White Blouse                                                                                      White Shirt

Purple Cardigan                                                                                  Purple Jumper

School Tie                                                                                            School Tie

White Socks/Grey Tights                                                                  Grey Socks                                              

Purple Gingham Dress (Summer)






White T Shirt                                                                                        White T Shirt

Black Shorts                                                                                          Black Shorts

Trainers & P E Bag                                                                               Trainers & P E Bag

Dark Swimming Costume                                                                   Dark swimming trunks

Yellow Swimming Hat                                                                         Yellow Swimming Hat                                                    

Black Tracksuit                                                                                     Black Tracksuit                   



Hairbands may be worn but they must be discreet and in school uniform colours.


Summer Uniform

Summer Uniform 1
Summer Uniform 2

Winter Uniform

Winter Uniform 1
Winter Uniform 2