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Summer Reading Challenge

‘3 Pages a Day Reading Challenge’


We are organising our own summer reading challenge, which can be run in conjunction with the Library Service Summer Challenge.

Our challenge has 3 simple rules:


  1. Read 3 pages of a book every day. Read more if you wish but the minimum is 3 pages per day. (For Pearl and Coral class children an adult can read with the child)

  2. An adult must initial and mark the number of pages read each day.

  3. Decorate each day you get an adult signature.


    Books are available for free on their schools Bug Club accounts, at the local library or register on Oxford Reading Owl website where hundreds of age related e-books are free.

    Please follow this link:


    Please can the sheet (found on the reverse of this letter) be returned during the first week back in September. Any child that does complete the challenge will receive a metal pin badge during the first celebration assembly in September. I know that the children of this school love to have badges on their ties and this badge could be the first of their collection.


    These questions are jumping in to my mind:


    How many children will complete the challenge?

    How many pages will they have read in total?

    How many would the whole school have read?

    Will I be able to complete the challenge?

    Will you, the parents, be able to complete the challenge?


    And finally….


    Each day the children complete will be equal to 5 house points in September so bring back your forms even if you have not completed every day.


    I wish you all a happy holiday and hope you have lots of happy memories but most importantly - happy reading!