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We run numerous clubs at St John's. Internal clubs are run by school staff and cost £10 for a term. Parents can sign their child up and pay for the club via Parentpay.  A letter is sent home with a timetable advising of the sign up date.   Clubs run by external providers have different prices and letters are sent home via the school office before clubs are due to commence.  Below is an idea of a typical term's clubs.  Please see the separate club sign up letter sent home at the beginning of each term.

Internal clubs are to be signed up for and paid on ParentPay.





Before school

8.15 – 8.50a.m.

Lunch time

12.30 – 1p.m.

After school

3.15 (all clubs finish at 4p.m. unless stated otherwise)



Homework Club All years No maximum

NEW TIME 12p.m. – 12.30p.m. Come to the club and

have lunch afterwards.

Just turn up – runs every week. Can come for Bug

Club too

Mrs Wright and Mrs Rush ICT Room


Chelsea FC – external club

Yrs 4/5/6. Finish 4.15p.m.


Dance Club – external club

Years 3-6 Finish 4.20p.m. in hall



Maths Booster

Yr 6 Invite only

Mrs Medd





Swimming Club


Mr Sadd & Mrs Knights


Gymnastics - external club

Years 1-6 8a.m. start



Chelsea FC – external club

Years 1/2/3 19th Sept – 5th Dec


Archery  Years 1-3

Max 15

Miss Baines


Year 4 Book club 12.20p.m.

Mrs Medd

Invite only

Hockey – Years 4/5/6 Mrs James and Mrs Warner

Max 21 outside in field or playground

Shin pads needed please. Hockey sticks provided. Gum shields optional (Finish 4.15p.m.)


Fine Motor Skills Years R/1/2

Max 10 Miss Ford 


Blitz me fitness - external cub

Years 3 and 4 Finish 4.20p.m.




Dodgeball – external club

Years 3-6 8a.m.




Hand Chimes- Years 5/6 Max 16

Mrs Beales

Year 5 classroom 

Netball ‘Hi Five’ - Years 5/6 Invite only

Mrs Samuel, Mrs James and Mrs Hall

Playground - Finish time 4.15p.m.



Drawing and Colouring – Years R-2 Max 15

Miss Olden Reception Classroom


Grub Club Create and explore food

Years 3 and 4 Max 12 Emerald

Learn to cook

Mrs Burrell and Mrs Day Finish 4.15p.m.

If your child has any intolerances or allergies please advise us when you sign your child up.


Puppets Years 3/4/5/6 Max 10

Mrs Kaya – Art room

Learn the art of puppetry. Finish 4p.m.





Multiskills – external club (letters sent out) Finish 4.15p.m.

Years R, 1 and 2


Cupstacking in Emerald Room Years 3-6

Mrs Rush and Mrs Bailes

Max 16


11+ Club Year 5 Invite only Mrs Medd


Guitar Lessons Years 2-6 External club



Mathletics Years 1-6 Max 30

Ms O’Reilly and Mrs Thompson ICT Suite.

A chance to improve mathematic skills in a

fun and engaging way

Starts 8a.m.

Lego Club Yrs 1-3

Mrs Holdsworth Max 15 Year 1 classroom


Drawing Years 3-6 Max 15 Miss Jeffries

Year 3 Classroom



Choir – Years 3/4/5/6 No maximum

Mrs Beales – Hall. Finish 4.15p.m.


Yoga Years 1-2 Max 15

Mrs Hurst year 1 classroom





Tennis – external club (letters sent out)

All years


Golden Mile 2.45p.m. – 3p.m

Mrs Wright and Mrs Rush

Years 3-6 Serious runners only

No need to sign up as as you can just up. P.E Kit needed.


Cross Country Years 4-6 Max 20

Mr Davies

Outside – Running in the woods, whatever the weather (apart

From lightening) Children must be able to run at least

3 miles off road.

Suitable clothing needed

Finish 4.15p.m.


Rounders Yrs 4-6 finish 4.15p.m.

Max 22 Mrs Medd