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Community Acts of Kindness

During this time of school closure due to the Coronavirus outbreak we have decided to launch the St John's Community Acts Of Kindness initiative. As you know kindness is one our school values and maybe the most important one during these current difficult times.

We have decided to launch St John’s ‘Community Acts of Kindness’. Currently in school we have 227 pupils at the school and think of all the kindness, love, joy, smiles and happiness this would bring to this community if everyone took part.  In order to spread this good feeling to other communities in the world I have set up a temporary Instagram account, @stjohnsdanbury in order to do this. Let’s show the world what a kind and caring school we are.

The grid was sent out to all parents on 30th March and the acts of kindness have started to flood in. If you have an entry and would like me to upload an image please send to 

Keep healthy and stay safe but most importantly follow the government guidelines for  social distancing.

Thank you in advance,


Mr Davies

Below is Community Acts of Kindness - Act 2

Please keep safe everyone

Evidence of the acts of kindness

Dropping off happy stones.
Bird boxes for neighbours.
What a great sign. Thank you.
 Left on a doorstep.Thank you.
Always makes you smile a painted stone.
Thank you frontline and NHS.
Giving a poster to a neighbour.
An Easter egg hunt for neighbours.
Happy Easter everyone.
Missing friends from school
So went home and baked a cake for neighbours.
Rubbish collecting at Sports and Social.
A rainbow of swimming toggles.
For a friend and great Grandmother
Special thanks.
For her mummy who works at Broomfield.
A big message outside school.
Thanking the rubbish collectors.
Sunshine and painted windows makes me smile.
One candle for every pupil & adults.
Thank you postal workers.
Hopscotch anyone?
Sunflower competition with a neighbour
Leaving palm crosses around the village.
What a great house decoration.
Pick them up, smile, hide them again.
A sign of appreciation.
A rainbow for the local shop.
A rainbow for a grandparent.
A letter for a nan and a rainbow to cheer her up.
Is this Rolo or Nutella?
Looking after the school guinepigs.
Clever dog finding ‘happy stones’.
What a dynamic team.
 Working hard collecting rubbish.
Happy Stones Biden around the village.
Sisters painted Happy Stones.
Delivering to neighbours doorsteps.
Collecting eggs.
Kind neighbour dropped of brownies for us.
Clapping for Carers
Clapping for Carers
To cheer up a neighbour.
Book swap with friends.
Thanks to the postal service.
A card for mums work at Broomfield.
Easter cards for Grandparents.
Painted stone pleased on a footpath.
Homemade soup to make her feel better.
Milk for a paramedic neighbour.
The finished ones ready to hide.
Working hard on painting stones.
Big rainbow to cheer up a neighbourhood.
Letters for a care home and hospice.
Paintings for the Grandparents.
Singing happy birthday through a window.
Frosty art work.
Printing a beautiful rainbow.
Even teachers are getting in on the act.
Hyde Lane is certainly cleaner!
What a smile. Thank you.
A lovely little message of thanks.
Looking for red cards whilst on a walk.
Spreading the love to the community.
Day’s walk and litter collection
Hard a work.
Combining a dog walk and litter collection
Getting a poster ready for display.
Thanking the post, rubbish, milk and NHS staff.
Thanking the rubbish collectors.
Bringing smiles to their road.
Jokes for neighbours who are in quarantine.
A letter to a carers patients.
A virtual book club via Zoom.
Virtually have a cuppa with a good friend.
Once ready free plants to whomever wants them.
A message for a good friend
Their mum works in Broomfield. Makes her smile.
Support for all and makes people smile.
For all NHS staff
Sat no more - couldn’t agree more.