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5th December 2017 - A huge congratulations to our KS2 dance club for coming second in this year’s Christmas dance festival. The children performed with great confidence, enjoyment and certainly deserved their silver medals. Thank you to Laura for all her hard work with teaching them the routine and organising the event.

Well done to: Ebony D, Sydnie J, Kimberlee H, Freya D, Rosie S, Maddie J, Grace B, Tegan C, Izzy A, Olivia B, India B, Emilia D, Millie D, Emily D, Amalia G, Amy J, Lily T, Lucy B, Jess B, Jasmine F, Jemima H, Ruby M, Molly M, Chloe P, Lottie M

St John's Dance Club took part in the Chelmsford Schools' Gotta Dance Show at the Civic Theatre. The 12 girls have been practicing their lyrical dance routine this term with our wonderful dance teacher Laura. The show was truly incredible. The girls performed their dance to the song 'True Colours' and with their gorgeous costumes and delicate moves, they blew the audience away. They had a lovely evening, watching other schools perform as well. A huge well done to: Mia F, Sophia G, Ebony D, Gabby S, Kimberlee H, Sydnie J, Freya D, Tegan C, Rose S, Olivia B, Emily D and Amalia-May G and a big thank you to all the parents and family members who came to the theatre to watch and support their children. A final thank you to Laura, our dance teacher, for all her hard work and dedication to our school. We have already signed up for the show again next year!